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Fast Frame Instant Marquees

2m x 2m Fast Frame Instant Marquees
3m x 3m Fast Frame Instant Marquees
3m x 4.5m Fast Frame Instant Marquees
3m x 6m Fast Frame Instant Marquees
4.5m x 6m Fast Frame Instant Marquees
6m Hex Fast Frame Instant Marquees
6 x 6 Fast Frame Instant Marquees
Fast Frame Instant Marquees With Porches

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Fast Frame Instant Marquees are our leading Pop up Marquee. Available in a range of sizes and able to link easily to each other, they are perfect for almost any event requiring quick temporary cover. Requiring minimal assembly since there are no extra parts to fit, a 3m x 3m Fast Frame can be erected by one person in less than 5 minutes and dismantled in the same time.

When properly secured, they can stand up to all but the harshest of weather conditions making them one of the strongest pop up marquees available today. Despite their tough nature, most of our smaller Fast Frames are light enough to be carried by a single person, even the larger models require no more than a couple of people.

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Using Fast Frame Instant Marquees

Fast Frame Instant Marquees have seen great success at many major Town Centre markets and other Local Government Authority run events. Because of their ability to be linked together and their incredible strength, many choose to link dozens of our instant marquees together in rows or clusters to create the covered areas required to host market days, town fairs or exhibitions.

Fast Frames also work perfectly if you’re a private company looking to sell your goods or services around the country. The compact nature of a packed Fast Frame allows them to be easily transported and with no extra parts, the hassle or taking up and putting down on a daily basis is minimised. Just look through our Gallery to see some of the companies who have chosen to use a Fast Frame for their events.


Fast Frame Instant Marquee Materials

Fast Frames are manufactured from only the highest quality components and materials. Aside from the black balls which keep the roof in place, no plastic is used in the construction of a Fast Frame. The entire frame is manufactured using the same grade aluminium we use when we create our larger marquees. This means the marquee stays lightweight as well as strong and requires no extra parts to be fitted.

We offer a choice of material for the roof, PVC or a lightweight PU Nylon. Again the PVC is the same quality we use for our larger marquees and offers clients a great quality finish with a high level of waterproofing. PU Nylon gives any Fast Frame a great look and is available in a wider range of colours than the PVC. Both materials can easily be printed upon, allowing Fast Frame customers to have everything from their insignia to their full company name and logos emblazoned on the sides and valence, great for any event or exhibition.

With no extra parts, a lightweight design and fully customisable, The Fast Frame Instant Marquees embody all that a pop up marquee should be.


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