2m x 2m Fast Frame Porch

The smallest structure we manufacture, 2m x 2m Fast Frames are incredibly compact and easy to erect. Used primarily by those wanting a quick-to-deploy covered area, they weigh a minimal amount whilst providing an extraordinary level of strength. 2m x 2m structures are commonly used as small storage areas, cover at private events or by Government Response Units.

Available in a wide range of colours with full printing options.

2m x 2m Fast Frame

Technical Specifications

Width of Fast Frame 2000 mm
Length of Fast Frame with Porch 3000 mm
Fast Frame Extrusion Diagram
Eave Height 2450 mm
Ridge Height 3500 mm
Surface Area of Fast Frame with Porch 6.00 m²
Longest Part 1600 mm
Weight of Fast Frame 36 Kg


Frame Anodised Aluminium Alloy 6061
Walls / Roof 7oz PU Coated Nylon

Further Information

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Fast Frame Construction Instructions - 502kb
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