3m x 3m Fast Frame Porch

3m x 3m Instant Marquees are the most common size in the industry. Since most local councils and marketplaces work out their sites on a 3m x 3m grids, this size of marquee is ideal. 3m Fast Frames provide a higher level of quality whilst still being light and agile enough to be erected by an single person.

Outside of the marketplace Fast Frames can be used for amost any occasion requiring quick and compact shelter. 3m Fast Frames have seen great success at sporting venues, exhibitions, mobile businesses, parties and a range of other events.

Available in a wide range of colours with full printing options.

3m x 3m Fast Frame

Technical Specifications

Width of Fast Frame with Porch 4000 mm
Length of Fast Frame 3000 mm
Eave Height 2450 mm
Ridge Height 3500 mm
Surface Area of Fast Frame 12.00 m²
Longest Part 1600 mm
Weight of Fast Frame 41 Kg


Frame Anodised Aluminium Alloy 6061
Walls / Roof 7oz PU Coated Nylon

Further Information

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Fast Frame Construction Instructions - 502kb
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