Fast Frame Sizes

Fast Frames are available in 7 sizes with multiple variations for each of them allowing you to choose the size and model most suited to your individual needs.

The 3m x 3m Fast Frame is by far our most popular Instant Marquee since most markets operate on 3m x 3m grids, but other model such as our 6m Hexagonal offers a unique shape with the same high quality. For exhibitions many customers choose the 3m x 6m Fast Frame since it offer the same 3m depth but provides a double frontage without needing 2 separate structures, this means potential leakage is reduced as is the overall structure weight.

Simply click on any of the sizes below to view more information.

2m x 2m Fast Frame
3m x 3m Fast Frame
3m x 45m Fast Frame
3m x 6m Fast Frame
4.5m x 6m Fast Frame
6m Hex Fast Frame

NEW! - 6m x 6m Fast Frame

6m x 6m Fast Frame

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