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  • Tell me more about Barkers Marquees and Tectonics Group?
    You may already be aware that the brand ‘Barkers Marquees’ is now part of the Tectonics Group. Please be assured that Barkers Marquees will continue to provide the same fantastic products and services they have always done.
  • How long is your warranty/guarantee?
    Tectonics UK are a manufacturer of a product that has such a vast array of functions, it is hard to give a definitive warranty/guarantee. What we do offer as a company is a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This means if anything is found to be faulty due to a manufacturing error, we will promptly rectify it as soon as our workload dictates.
  • Is everything you manufacture made in the U.K?
    Yes, everything is manufactured at our workshop in Alresford, which is located in the south of England. Our aluminium is sourced in UK & Holland, our PVC is lacquered in France and sent to us in 30m/60m/250m Rolls, and our steel is supplied to us from within the UK. The only part of our business that is manufactured outside of the UK is some of our traditional PVC roofs, which are manufactured in Europe by our sister company.
  • Do you provide a site visit service?
    We do indeed, site visits will be judged on a case-by-case basis. There may be a charge on a site visit dependant on locality, but this should all be pre-agreed before a member of our team comes to see you.
  • Do you install?
    We can offer an installation service, however we find a more cost-effective way of having your marquee constructed on-site would be for us to contact your local marquee hirer on your behalf. This cuts the cost of travel and potentially hotels. Also, it gives you a great point of contact, locally, for any servicing or maintenance needs.
  • What is the difference between Bar Tension and Bungi Tension?
    Bungi Tensioned Marquees traditionally have a 360mm scalloped valance, the ‘bungi’ part of the title is derived from the roof tension, you have a bungi shock cord which is wrapped and hooked to the eave rail on both sides of the marquee, this creates the tension. The walls are ring topped, the rings are placed over a wall rail which is connected leg to leg just below the eave rail. A Bar Tensioned Marquee traditionally has a 250mm flat valance, the ‘bar’ part of the title is due to the 3m (if on a 3m bay) steel bar that is placed into a pocket in the valance of the roof. Each end of the steel bar is slotted, and a ratchet is used through the slot, down to a pre-drilled hole located 550mm from the top of the leg, creating the tension of the roof. The walls are keder topped, the keder fits into the bar tensioned eave rail, which is connected leg to leg.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, we have the ability to deliver from a small package to a dedicated articulated vehicle. Our quotes will never have a delivery charge on unless we are asked to include a delivery cost.
  • Can I have different colours?
    Yes, absolutely. We have over 30 colours in our range including Textured PVC which is becoming more and more popular. Simply ask for a free swatch and provide your preferred postal address.
  • Do you manufacture bespoke structures?
    This is in fact our bread and butter, we have an in-house design team that will be with you every step of the way, from the first meeting to when the order leaves our factory. We have designed and manufactured many bespoke temporary structures from market stalls to seating in sporting arenas and everything in between.
  • Can I come to visit your workshop?
    Absolutely, we welcome anyone to do their diligence on their preferred supplier and are only too happy to host you at either of our workshops.
  • Customer Care
    The Tectonics Group are committed to offering the highest level of customer care. As a team, we will go above and beyond to make sure you have the best customer experience possible.
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