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FloorStack Levelling System Flooring

The FloorStak levelling system is the latest solution to creating a level surface on uneven ground. Designed to counteract any changes in the on-site terrain, FloorStak is comprised of numerous stacks of cylindrical aluminium created to hold up a marquee of almost any size. FloorStak works on the principal of mounting several modular components on top of a main baseplate. Components are available in varying heights allowing you to combine components together thus creating a column which is the exact height required for the terrain change. Also unique to FloorStak is the ability of the baseplate to change the angle at which it sits, allowing fully vertical columns to become achievable on uneven ground.

FloorStak has other uses other than its primary function of negating uneven ground. Many hirers choose to utilise it to create a spectacular venue by raising their marquee above the ground with a staircase leading up to the entranceway. The system also allows the surface inside the marquee to be raised or lowered at different points. This means FloorStak can be used to create dips for a lounge area of raised areas for bands/presentations.

FloorStak can also be used to create a sloped ramp which can be used for disabled access or moving heavy items into the structure without having to worry about heavy lifting.

For full technical details regarding both products and their compatibility, click either of the links at the top of the page or call us to find out more.

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