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Basic Flooring

Whenever hirers, venues or private individuals host an event inside a marquee, flooring can easily be overlooked and often cause the greatest problems as the event draws near. A good quality flooring system which is easy to setup is essential for creating any high class event.

The Multispan Basic Flooring is compatible with any large 3m bay structures or Oriental Canopies. Manufactured as in 3m x 0.5m boards, the floorboards can be arranged to fit inside any standard 3m bay tent such as Multispan or EVO Marquees without having to worry about creating a bespoke floor. Purchasing a standard flooring system also allows you to re-use you floor in any other standard marquee without having to purchase extras to make it compatible. There are no nails or screws required for assembly as the boards slot into pre-laid aluminium extrusions which not only help line-up the boards to create a flush finish, but also add stability to the entire structure.

The floorboards are manufactured from a softwood board which has been pressure treated to create a sturdy yet lightweight surface; timber battens on the underside of the boards help to add stability. The aluminium extrusions are manufactured from our high quality T6 6061 aerospace grade aluminium, the same extrusion we use in the manufacture of our marquee frames.

Steel Sub Frame

Steel Sub Frame is the perfect addition to any Basic Flooring. Manufactured on site from our high quality steel, the system is designed to make the existing flooring flatter by creating a level sub-structure.

The system lifts the marquee flooring off the underlying surface allowing it to overcome any slight dips and peaks as well as providing superior protection against mud or wet surfaces. This should give your floorboards a longer lifespan as it keeps them drier and reduces the stress which occurs when floors are not laid flat.

The sub-structure itself is manufactured at our site in the UK using galvanised steel beams combined with steel thread fittings. This allows for maximum strength whilst the flooring is in use and gives the hirers the longest possible lifespan due to the durability of the steel.


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Wood Softwood pressure treated
Steel Sub Frame Galvanised Steel
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