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4.5m Modular Canopy

A great all round structure, the Modular Canopy has been designed to be user friendly whilst being sturdy enough to cope with whatever the weather has to throw at you. Modular Canopies are most commonly found at Outdoor Exhibitions or Race Days as they provide superior strength in comparison to many of the other structures on the market.

Since they are a Modular system, customers can erect and join together as many Modular Canopy bays as they like to create longer or deeper structures depending on the event. Race teams or exhibitors will usually erect several bays joined at the gables to create one long structure whilst those using them as bars or catering may erect the bays side by side to help segregate different areas.


Modular Canopy bays are available in 2 sizes – 3m x 3m or 4.5m x 3m (the first measurement being the gable width). Which size you choose depends entirely on your event! Both models have a 2.1m eave height although this can raised using leg extenders if you have a specific need such as storing a taller vehicle.

Windows and Walls

Modular Canopies are available with a variety of plain, windowed or zip panel walls depending on how you’ll be using your Modular Canopy. Race teams tend to have a mix of plain and zip walls allowing them to move a vehicle inside the canopy and enclose it from the elements. Those who are using their Modular Canopies for exhibitions may want window walls allowing potential customers to see into the structure as they walk past.


Modular Canopy covers are manufactured from our 650 g/m² fully waterproof PV, which is available in a range of colours, whilst the framework is manufactured using aerospace grade - 2 channel aluminium extrusions. The 2 channel aluminium gives the Canopy a lighter build than larger marquees without compromising on its strength allowing the customer to transport and erect their Canopy with greater ease.


Our PVC is available in a range of colours with full printing options available (see links to the left) allowing customers to fully personalise their Modular Canopies with company logos, colour schemes or even full size pictures!

Technical Specifications
Width of Marquee 4.5m
Length of 1 Bay 3.00m
Eave Height 2.10m
Ridge Height 2.95m
Roof Pitch 10 degrees
Surface Area of 1 Bay 13.50m2
Maximum Length of Marquee Infinite
Longest Part 3.13m
Weight of 1st Bay 119 kg
Weight of Additional Bays 63 kg
Steelwork Mild Steel (Grade 43)
Aluminium Alloy (Grade 6061 T6)
PVC 650 gram PVC Coated Polyester
Document Download Document Name
Modular Canopy Construction Instructions
Tectonics UK PVC Fire Certificate

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