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2m Multispan Walkway

Multispan Walkway is manufactured as either 2m or 3m wide bays and are always 3m long. They have been designed with wall rails similar to those used in the Multispan Marquee range. This allows the PVC walling from a Multispan marquee to also fit your walkway.

The Walkway is a modular system, which means it can extend to any length allowing you create a covered link between your marquee and another structure. Multispan Walkway can also be used to create an attractive entranceway into larger marquees

They are also used for joining two marquees or a marquee and a catering tent.

Technical Specifications
Width of Walkway 2.00 m
Length of 1 Bay 3.00 m
Eave Height 2.30 m
Ridge Height 2.48 m
Roof Pitch 10 degrees
Surface Area of 1 Bay 6.00 m2
Maximum Length of Walkway Infinite
Longest Part 3.13 m
Weight of 1st Bay 106 Kg
Weight of Additional Bays 62 Kg
Steelwork Mild Steel (Grade 43)
Aluminium Alloy (Grade 6061 T6)
PVC 650 gram PVC Coated Polyester

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