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How big a marquee do I need?

When planning your big day there are endless decisions you will have to make, which venue, what date, what style of wedding, who to invite, will you have entertainment, the list goes on!

If you decide on a marquee wedding, the next thing you will need to decide on is what size marquee you will need.

Getting the size right for your wedding is important as it will hugely affect the atmosphere and ambiance of the day.  You don’t want your guests to be crammed in to a tiny marquee unable to move and yet you also do not want so much space it feels vast, empty and lacking in intimacy.   

To get the size right, there are several questions you will need to ask yourself first; how many guests will be attending? What will the seating arrangement be, and will you require space for a dance floor or a band? Do you need a service tent for the catering or space for a bar? Do you need a reception area at the entrance for guests to mingle, have a drink or check out the seating plan? All these elements will have an impact on what size marquee you require. 

The style of marquee also needs to be considered when deciding on the size you require – are you looking for a traditional or a frame marquee? Or something more alternative like a capri marquee or a tipi?

The two most commonly used marquees are frame marquees and traditional marquees.  A frame marquee does not need any additional space for guy ropes and as a rule, so long as you have the space available for the size of structure you require, it will fit into the site. A traditional marquee can look a lot prettier but requires a space all around the outside in addition to its size, to allow for the ropes.  Inside a traditional marquee you will also need to allow for the poles when creating the internal layout, whereas a frame Marquee would leave a clear space throughout. 

A good marquee hire company will be able to give you expert advice on the size you will need if you are able to provide them with enough information, but to give you a rough idea, check out the table we have created which, although not a definitive guide, will give you a good starting point to request some quotes. 


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