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What is ‘structurally calculated’ and why is it important?

As the UK’s long-established leading manufacturer of marquees and temporary structures, at Tectonics UK, we know how vital it is to have a structure that designed to the highest standard with you and your customers' safety at the forefront.

In this blog, we’ll explore what ‘structurally calculated’ means for you and why it is so important.

What is ‘structurally calculated'?

Structurally calculated means that the frame’s weight and height has been taken into consideration. This includes the dimensions of the aluminium profile used, the size and specification of all galvanised steel parts and a kentledge weight or fixing down method.

All parts of the structure are assessed by a structural engineer who will calculate the strength of the frame and what it can withstand.

These calculations help determine the structure’s ability to withstand various loads and stresses, such as those from adverse weather conditions or crowd dynamics.


At Tectonics UK, we are proud to be the only manufacturer offering structurally calculated frames, offering optimal safety and complete peace of mind.

Why is being structurally calculated important?

Ensures safety


Structurally calculated frames are designed to handle certain loads and stresses, ensuring they remain safe under expected conditions.


Compliance with industry standards


Structures, especially when used in public or government applications, need to meet specific safety and building standards.


Structural calculations are used to verify compliance with safety and building regulations to avoid failures and legal issues. It also means that any damage will be covered by insurance.




Structural calculations help to ensure that frames remain durable and will last, even if being repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

Tectonics UK’s Structurally Calculated Fast Frame

At Tectonics UK we offer a cutting-edge Fast Frame product, which unlike other competitors’ products on the market, is structurally calculated for ultimate safety.

Fast Frames offer significant benefits:


The Fast Frame from Tectonics UK is versatile and ideal for various applications, such as quick-deploy shelters for private events or government response units. Structurally calculated frames are especially important for councils and any government body.


Compact and easy-to-assemble


The compact design allows for quick setup and disassembly, making them easy to use and assemble.




Fast Frames are available in a wide range of colours and offer full printing options, allowing for customisation according to user needs or branding requirements.

For Fast Frames you can rely on, call our expert team on 01962 736316 or email


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